Hybrid Theater Association is a Team which it's Main interest is producing Events|shows that concentrate on Technology|Drama Interactive Collaboration

Our fundamental aim in H.T.A  is“ The Future of Theater”. we focus on “Effects of technology on theater” on different levels, from performance to audience perspective and we also consider the economic outcome of this kind of approach so beside producing shows (Hybrid Theater* plays) we are also open to organize and set-up events which collide with our way of portraying the world .we create

The pace our world has gotten in advancements is unbelievable! If theater could adapt itself with this pace its believable that unimaginable achievements could lie .ahead for this medium

Theater Medium or to be more precise World of theater is at the verge of a very big evolution. For many years, before the emergence of Cinema and Television the biggest Audience and the most resources available in the entertainment industry belonged to “Theater” but after Cinema and TV Came along, because of the new innovative aspects of these new mediums and the excitement they possessed, all these blessings turned away from theater and little by little silver screens became the most popular among audiences. 

Technology with creating endless possibilities for the creators gave them a chance to build the “world of their own” something more than they ever imagined! So its understandable why alongside so many audiences even creators turned to the new tech and because of this still seems like many associates of the theater still hold a grudge towards technology because like it or not it was pushing theater all the way to the sides. But this time and I mean in this particular time I believe technology can take a big step to make it up to theater. 

Our world is constantly evolving and soon we will be witnesses of  constructs such as “Metaverse” which will transform our world and even our characters and souls to the digital world, but I think to do such a thing in a physical and in real time environment we have a long way to go so the closest we can get to that far , is to experience these marvels in real-time on “Theater stage” where, since it’s birth audiences always have been at the core of it… Actually one of the most important aspects of theater from the beginning has been that the audiences are always at the center of it. a feature that from the old ages of myths to the point where theater itself emerges from traditions and to the age of the internet and digital world always has been the phenomena that above of any medium belongs to “ Theater”. This… sense of being in the moment and real-time interaction, the most human form of communication! Breath to Breath. A feeling that can not be sensed in any other medium. For example to explore a matter such as “different shapes of time” there has been countless attempts within worlds of literature , cinema and even VR But none of them can have the “impact” theater can have. To understand why? We should concentrate on the matter of “Channels of communications in a medium in order to connect and affect the audience” these channels are far more wider on the theater stage than in any other place! Touch ,Smell ,Taste even Temperature and all of theses are available to achieve the closest way of comprehension of a real phenomena in it’s most familiar way which is physical sense for audience, as they say << Theater is life itself…>> 

The closest medium to theater from this point of view is VR and AR which even if all these channels could be synthetized they are STILL NOT “REAL”, Theater is the only place where audiences can experience an abstract sensation within a real space.

I believe with using these features (VR – AR and even CGI) in about 10 to 20 years later theater can go back to its former position, before cinema and television, this time far more glorious than ever! The world we can create with CGI in cinema now is even far more vast than our real world. What I’m saying is With benefiting from new media in theater, we can use all theses possibilities that once just have been limited to cinema we can Create an experience that audiences have never  experienced before. Because “To create is to Live” and that’s why H.T.A tries to be one of the pioneers of this evolution in our New world.