Mostafa Mousavi

Writer / Director  / Producer / Dramaturge Researcher

Born in 1995 in Iran, Tehran, To take his Bachelor Degree Mostafa Mousavi Graduated from Broadcasting University ("IRIBU") In the field of "TV Direction" and subfield of "Theater Direction" or to be more specific, Tele-Theater Direction

From there he continued his Profession in Producing and Directing Theatres, TV Shows as well as Movies 

After Graduation from IRIBU he Decided to continue his education and so he got his Master's Degree from Azad Univesity, (IAUCTB) In 2022

Among his creations "Give Me My Home Back" and "The Lahootian Rebel" are the most notable of his works


I see "Creation" and "Expression" in any form and kind, whether it be Music or.. Movie Making, Theater, Painting and ... as the true Meaning of life. This is why I continue this Profession, This is why I Chose tolibe this Life