The Lahootian Rebel


《Introduction of the Project》 

The Lahootian Rebel is a "Multi Dimensional-Theater Centered Experience" which is a product of "Hybrid Theater Association" Its Written, Directed & Produced by Mostafa Mousavi 

The executive method in this project focuses on "New Media" and is the first step to get close to the "Hybrid Theater" ; a kind of theater which rests within borders of techno-drama.

The story happens within this ambient and on each act tells 3 diffrent tales, first is story of "prometheus" during "Titanomachy" 

The second is a story about a family (Father-Mother-Son) before and after a pandemic which has vanquished around 90 percentage of the population.

And in the last act story happens around a "Cyborg" named "Hervic" and his creation; a holographic consciouss AI named "Praya". 

After about more than a year of research and dramaturgic processing,The project has advanced to the production stage and for the first time it has been perforemd at 2022/October